Strategy Case Study:     Growth Platform Creation


  • Marketing team of a highly profitable niche business unit unable to get senior business management to support expansions
  • Underlying market experiencing double digit growth rates
  • Profitability of this business segment also double digit growth
  • Senior business management embarking on an overall growth strategy but viewed the perceived risks of this business as too large

Outcome Achieved

  •  Transformed niche business into one of just four, and the newest, growth platform of this company
  • Doubled revenues of the $200 million business through an acquisition five times larger and several years sooner than originally envisioned
  • Acquisition provided continued and substantial profitable growth further through bolt-on acquisitions in the highly fragmented market


  •  Addressed obstacles one-by-one through market research and due diligence
  •  Identified expansion vehicle with maximum effect and minimum risk
  •  Prepared and presented case to the business senior management to gain approval to proceed

Why the Solution Enterprises Team? 

  • Principal led the effort to identify risk as a key issue and addressed it
  • Approval process satisfied all constituents
  • Decades of small and large company experience was instrumental in revealing true objections and obtaining answers
  • Follow-on work executed beyond the initial engagement completion