Strategy Case Study:      Market-Focused Business Creation


  • Process manufacturing company struggling to successfully grow across the broad government sector – federal, state, and local
  • Many product lines had sales to government customers but there was little coordination across opportunities

Outcome Achieved

  • Sales increased from $50 million to $75 million over three years and total open contract value expanded 50% to $200 million


  • Cross-product market analysis developed and a comprehensive government strategy completed
  • Single, market-focused business unit established to lead all government opportunities across the company’s product lines and research organizations
  • Product delivery continued to be the responsibility of the product organization but coordinated through a single government “gateway” organization

Why the Solution Enterprises Team?

  • Managing Principal structured the concept
  • External organizations successfully engaged to analyze the market and identify key segments with opportunities
  • Multiple, strong product-line allegiances molded into a single market-focused alliance