Strategy Case Study: Information Technology (IT) Assessment and Strategy


  • CEO of a large information services company was dissatisfied with the IT leadership and forward planning
  • IT did not anticipate business needs, was unable to execute projects on time and on budget, and had a poor relationship with other operational units

Outcome Achieved

  • Overall IT role and investment priorities agreed
  • IT division 18-month Operating Plan developed and agreed


  • Based on Solution Enterprises framework, IT business role and strategy development engagement structured and executed
  • IT Stakeholder Survey designed, conducted and results analyzed to understand viewpoints of IT and other organizational units
  • IT Vision, Mission, Value Proposition, 18-month Operating Objectives, and Strategies were developed and integrated into a single IT Operating Plan

Why the Solution Enterprises Team?

  • Managing Principal structured approach and led the effort from start to finish.
  • Senior management directly engaged to understand the relationship of IT activities to commercial objectives and IT performance perceptions
  • Clear, path forward plan prepared with IT input and then presented to the senior leadership team to drive understanding and alignment