Strategy Case Study:  New Strategy Development


  • Privately held, midsized company with professional management facing substantial market disruptions and needs to define new path forward
  • Owner, his family, Board of Advisors, and owner's personal advisors, while intellectually understanding the need for change, were reluctant to embrace that change was critically necessary
  • Clear, concise and thorough strategy had never been needed and, therefore, did not exist for the company

Outcome Achieved

  • Consensus on a path forward reached after a series of meetings with the owner, family, Board of Advisors, and personal advisors
  • All influence centers satisfied and aligned, providing the owner with their best judgment – giving him confidence as the change was undertaken


  • Four distinct strategy options to crisply define the proposed paths forward conceptualized and developed
  • All work was based on hard data obtained from market research, operating experience, and predictive modeling, while maintaining the necessary confidentiality with respect to employees, customers and competitors
  • These alternative paths were fully articulated, including human and financial resources, timelines, and market, operating and cultural risks

Why the Solution Enterprises Team?

  • Managing Principal directed the engagement using a milestone progress methodology to control costs, pace and to provide go-no go decision points
  • Team called on the extensive network of Associates to obtain deep knowledge of key markets, including segmenting buying norms, and estimating costs to develop specific offerings that would achieve the results
  • Solution Enterprises proposed follow up business plan development and implementation for the CEO