Transformation Case Study:  Business Process Transformation


  • Standalone division of discrete equipment manufacturing company experienced financial losses well over a decade while markets served becoming partially commoditized
  • Company determined it needed to find new markets with high barriers to entry; unfortunately, initial penetration of these higher risk markets led to increased losses
  • Transformation to a process-based structure required to capture the larger rewards of these higher risk markets

Outcome Achieved

  • Financially impaired division achieved profitability even before the first year of the Business Process Transformation
  • Business platform capable of sales and manufacturing 5x current quantities defined and established


  • Single, integrated approach to Business Process Transformation was designed and execution begun over the first year
  • Work undertaken in three  phases:  Assess, Implement, and Sustain
  • Four work streams - Business Strategy, Process Management, Change Management, and Technology were implemented

Why the Solution Enterprises Team? 

  • Managing Principal evaluated the issues, formulated and designed an integrated solution, and directly managed the overall engagement
  • Other Principals provided  broad cross-functional knowledge and expertise in sales, engineering, finance, IT, HR, quality, and supply chain
  • Solution Enterprise Team also included seven professionals with deep experience in IT, process mapping, and discrete manufacturing
  • Focus on softer critical elements such as training, communications, management skill development, and cultural change needed for sustainability